Newcastle City Council is killing bikers to save cyclists

arm-1Newcastle City Council have installed ‘Armadillos’ along Gosforth, Great North Road as lane dividers. Armadillos are narrow humped back obstructions on the flat road surface that have not been passed for use by the Dept. of Transport. Any Powered two Wheeler forced into a collision with an Armadillo will at best be thrown to the ground and at worst killed by forcing them into collision with another motor vehicle. Continue reading

North East MAG Election Debate


NE MAG have arranged an election debate with the main political parties, which will take place on:

Thursday 16th April 2015, 7:00pm


The Salutation Pub,
Dryburn View,
Framwellgate Moor,
DH1 5AP.

I am glad to be able to advise that Lembit Opik, MAG Director of Communications & Public Affairs, will chair the meeting.

The meeting is open to all. You do not have to be a member of MAG. The candidates will be asked questions on subjects as: PTW’s in bus lanes; sentencing of drivers who cause fatal accidents; current process to get a full motorcycle licence; parking for PTW’s; road safety; level of vehicle excise duty. Plus the meeting will be opened to questions from the floor.

Let’s show the politicians that bikers are voters. This is your opportunity to get the opinion of the major political parties. It may help you to decide how to vote on May 7th.

Bus Lanes – Blyth MAG

Following on from the work Andy from Durham MAG has done for bikers entering or riding in County Durham, Tony Reay up at Blyth MAG has been making significant in roads on Tyneside.  (excuse the pun) Not a lot of people will know this, as most motorcyclists don’t get involved  in the riders rights issues or even in trying to improve things for two wheel users. Tyneside bus lanes have had changes coming in for a long time due to mix of lane types in use e.g no car, no bus, bus & tax etc.

The no car lanes were not considered to be what the authority wanted for instance many powerful arguments are put forward for exclusive bus only lanes and that is what the bus Continue reading

Overcoming Hurdles – Blyth MAG

Blyth MAG have taken some bad knocks but it’s made them stronger

blyth-coffee-morningBlyth MAG has been involved with many charity events in the last few years, from raising money for NABD, to delivering Easter Eggs to Hospitals and Old People’s homes. Our group was asked to help out the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer care. We decided to make this a tribute to Jude Douglas and John William Southern.

Jude was one of life’s characters who was diagnosed terminally ill in November 2012. Sadly we lost her in January this year. John was one of our other livelier members in the group and was tragically killed in an accident in Selkirk in the summer. Along with Neil Hamilton, we have lost three members this year which is extremely sad. Continue reading

Diesel Spills Kill – Blyth MAG

blyth-diesel-spillsAs Blyth Valley MAG Local Rep I try and get members of our group to participate in events and campaigns as much as possible.

Recently I have begun a campaign for replacing manhole covers with non-grip ones. I’ve put a folder on our Facebook page for people to upload pictures of offending manhole covers to. I am also hoping to launch a page for potholes as well. I might get storm drain covers included.
There is one near to where I live that is recessed far enough to park a bus in.

Continue reading