Stormin’ the Castle 2014

stc1Attendance at this year’s Stormin’ was extremely high, with many thousands creating a temporary town of peace and good will in the way that only riders can.
The fresh hill-top winds seemed to revive spirits of riders from Northern Ireland to the European continent, in pursuit of friendship, chill-out and curried chips. Continue reading

The Li’ll Tiddler 2013

little-tiddle-2013-2The Shite Shags have got to have the most self deprecating name I think it’s possible to come up with in the world of motorcycling. There’s The Warriors, The Moonshiners, The Centurions, The Dragon Slayers and then there’s The Shite Shags.

The Shite Shags aren’t so much a bike club as a bunch of blokes that like putting rallies on and making money for good causes, their other redeeming light is that they are staunch MAG supporters. Indeed a number of their members go right back to the early Finchale Priory rally in the late 1980s. This was the forerunner of Stormin’ The Castle. Continue reading

Tan Hill Oct 2013

Tan Hill is Great Britain’s highest pub an a superb venue for a small rally. The Old Forge on the other hand is Great Britain’s most remote pub and would be a good rally venue if it was connected to the mainland by a decent road and they put the fire on occasionally.

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Simmer Dim 2013 – Andy Goes North

Saturday 11 June 2011:
Finally left Durham around 11:00am in glorious sunshine. Everything was going fine till the Gateshead Western Bypass, when a lunatic with Dutch registration plates decided it was a good plan to come down a slip road and turn right! Just managed to avoid him, her? and the central reservation barrier. By Morpeth we were in a layby putting on our waterproofs. The rain was hammering down. Holidays, bollocks, I want to go home. Then followed the wettest 5 hours of our lives as we limped to the Abbey Inn in Newburgh. Pub was very welcoming. No lock up for bikes, but outdoor yard at back of the pub.
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