Durham MAG – Chirstmas Party

durham-christmas-2013-(54)Well as Noddy Holder said, “Its Christmas!” so it was time for the Durham MAG Group Annual Christmas Dinner.

The Colpitts couldn’t help us out with this one so we were reduced to looking at the remaining 3 of our pubs, the John Duck doesn’t do food nor does the Angel so we booked to Elm Tree: it was their biggest booking of the season and the first! How’s that? If you’re talking to Steve the barman he has a bit of a tail to tell about the difference between entertaining 30-40 odd bikers at an evening do and two women with two kids during the afternoon. Ask him, next time you’re in, its funny.

durham-christmas-2013-(38)So how did the night go? Not a lot to say really as lots of you were there. It was wonderful to get many of the group together and especially wonderful that  Colin and old member could attend as an engineer and physicist Colin is fascinating to chat to, but I’d accept that conversation on Advanced Gas Cooled reactors verse Water cooled reactors wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea. We hope to see Colin at future meetings in the New Year.

Also wonderful was the Next Generation’s attendance that bunch of MAG members that thankfully reduced the average age in the room to high 20’s I’d say? So, Zoe, Sam, Darren, Morgan, Glenn, Ewan, Kathryn, Chrisyy you were all wonderful, if I didn’t buy you a drink catch me in the Colpits or the Angel. If it wasn’t for this bunch much of what we do would be durham-christmas-2013-(40)pointless, because let’s face it MAG is really now working to preserve motorcycling for the next generation.

Possibly the best bit of the night was just that people could let their hair down without THE AGENDA or having to stay sober enough to discuss stuff and make sense to others: always a bonus. I need to say a huge THANK YOU to the organisation pixie that sorted it all out and did the orders so that the kitchen could manage to get that many meals out on time to the right people. Thank you organisation pixie, I hope you enjoyed your reward.

durham-christmas-2013-(45)So I hope everybody that turned up had a great night, I think there’s a MAG ‘Night Out On The Town’ planned or being planned and also there’s the 30th Birthday party, or possibly 31st depending on where you count from that needs to be planned.

Happy Christmas and have a superb New Year.

Ride safe and remember people, let’s be careful out there.

Dave Wigham
NE MAG Regional Rep