Newcastle City Council is killing bikers to save cyclists

arm-1Newcastle City Council have installed ‘Armadillos’ along Gosforth, Great North Road as lane dividers. Armadillos are narrow humped back obstructions on the flat road surface that have not been passed for use by the Dept. of Transport. Any Powered two Wheeler forced into a collision with an Armadillo will at best be thrown to the ground and at worst killed by forcing them into collision with another motor vehicle.

arm-4The Motorcycle Action Group is alarmed that no risk assessment has been undertaken and there has been no consultation with riders groups before these killer road obstructions were placed on the highway.

MAG is requesting an immediate meeting with the authorities and the Leader of The Council Nick Forbes and Newcastle Chief Exec Pat Ritchie.

MAG Spokeswoman Katalina Ferguson said, “It’s mad, in order to try and protect cyclists from cars they have sacrificed the safety of motorcyclists and scooterists by reducing their available road space and then throwing obstacles in their way. In Manchester where these were trialled even the cyclists are against them”

Contact MAG Spokespersons

Katalina Ferguson MAG Blyth Group Representative

Mob. 07908 069883
Email :

Andy Whitworth MAG North East Political Representative

Mob: 07806 288204

If you have concerns about the use of Armadillos as lane separators you must speak up

arm-5MAG has highlighted the following issues that you can bring up when contacting the people below:

* Any Powered two Wheeler forced into a collision with an Armadillo will at best be thrown to the ground and at worst killed by forcing them into collision with another motor vehicle.

* Armadillos are a trip hazzard that would never be bolted to a pavement so why are they being used as lane dividers.

* Has a detailed risk assessment with reference to Power two Wheelers been carried out?

* These have not been passed by the Dept of Transport for use on UK roads.

arm-2* Has the increased risks of insurance and council liability been considered.

* Where these have been trailed in Manchester even cyclists don’t like them and are expressing grave concerns. See, Mad Cycle lanes of Manchester’

* What evidence is there that these are safe?

arm-3* They have only been trailed once by the Transport Road Research Laboratory and that research is fatally flawed.

* The TRL trial did not get anywhere near replicating multi modal use as in real traffic conditions.

* A significant number of two wheeler riders (on pedal and motor powered vehicles) who participated in the TRL trial have recently confirmed that there are serious reasons to review the wisdom of any authority using such devices.

* Would anybody on the Cabinet be prepared to ride a motorcycle into one of the Armadillos in a collision avoidance experiment to see the result of a 30mph impact?

Newcastle City Council

Newcastle Chief Executive: Pat Ritchie

Newcastle City Council Leader of Council: Nick Forbes
Newcastle City Council
Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Leader of the Council’s Office
There are three members of staff based in the Leader’s Office, which is located on the committee corridor in the Civic Centre.

Professional Assistant to Leader of the Council: Anne Tunnah
Phone: 0191 211 5173

Policy Assistant to Leader of the Council: Matt Watson
Phone: 0191 211 5162

Personal Assistant to Leader of the Council: Anne Smeaton
Phone: 0191 211 5151

Cabinet Members
Please contact through personal assistant details below

Cabinet Members :
Councillor Ged Bell Portfolio for Investment and Development, Highways & Cycling
Councillor Karen Kilgour
Councillor Joanne Kingsland
Councillor Jane Streather

Personal Assistant – Lynn Bryden
Phone: 0191 277 7101

Please contact through Denise Snaith, details below

Councillor David Stockdale
Councillor Nick Kemp
Councillor Stephen Powers
Councillor Veronica Dunn

Contact -Denise Snaith
Phone: 0191 211 5154

Leader of the Opposition (Newcastle North)

Lib Dem: Anita Lower