The Li’ll Tiddler 2013

little-tiddle-2013-2The Shite Shags have got to have the most self deprecating name I think it’s possible to come up with in the world of motorcycling. There’s The Warriors, The Moonshiners, The Centurions, The Dragon Slayers and then there’s The Shite Shags.

The Shite Shags aren’t so much a bike club as a bunch of blokes that like putting rallies on and making money for good causes, their other redeeming light is that they are staunch MAG supporters. Indeed a number of their members go right back to the early Finchale Priory rally in the late 1980s. This was the forerunner of Stormin’ The Castle.

Standing in the control caravan with them I wondered where all our 28 inch waists had gone over the years and just when did we all start making noises when we stood, sat, kneeled, got off or on a bike? The Li’ll Tiddler rally is held on an almost ideal rally site at Northumbria Gliding Club on the edge of the Northern Pennines, miles from anywhere. It boasts a good welldrained camping ground and a huge aircraft hanger for the bar and bands. Mind you what’s good for gliders isn’t necessarily good for people and it does have something of a bracing breeze about it.

The bands line up was superb as Jeff had done a sterling job putting them together.Jeff also ran Jeff’s Shite Disco which entertained the crowds between the bands. From what I can remember we had; Bad Bob Bates, 6 Nowt, Beefy La Slap Trio, Mitch laddie, Little Moscow, Shake Your Mojo, Erik and the Vikings, Dad Dog and a couple of wee girls who I predict big things for. All played for free or next to nowt and what a stomping two nights they belted out.

Durham MAG approached Vinney of the host club to ask if MAG could attend with our recruitment gazebo. Vinney immediately said they’d love to have us, so plans were made.
little-tiddle-2013-1Information boards were updated, tables were cleaned, membership forms were slipped inside copies of The Road and the gazebo was set up on the drive for a post Stormin’ wash and brush up.

That was when we realised that our prized gazebo had finally died.
If you study the Back Street Heroes write up of Stormin’ you will see a rather large MAG Director hanging from the struts of the now deceased ex gazebo.
News of the demise of the gazebo brought an influx of guilty confessional emails so I guess I can’t just blame Veece who happens to be a director of MAG UK. This problem was resolved by Vinney and the lads who let us set up in the hanger.

In fact anything we asked for was met with the answer; “Dee what ye’r want” or “Suit ye’r Sels.” We set to dressing the entire stage in the corporate MAG local group banners and then the regional banners and then the national banners, and then the Get a Grip banners, and then the MAG Sport banners and so on. We set up the MAG stall at the right of the stage so that by the time we finished, the event looked more like a MAG show than the Li’ll Tiddler and I was a bit worried what the response would be. In the end it wasn’t a problem, The Shite Shags raised £5400 which they divided between Emmhaus, NABD and CLAPA, well done lads.

Now the last time I saw this bunch with a rally like this was in 1989 so I wonder where things are going next, wink wink. Apparently the new Tshirts are going to bear the slogan, “I’m a Shite Shag and I can prove it.” Bizarrely I think it’ll sell, but I’ll just throw my money in the raffle. So from Durham MAG and the NE Region I’d like to say a huge thanks to Vinney and the Shite Shags crew for having us. Thank you for supporting MAG. We’ll be back next year and if there’s anything we can do to help out we’ll be there for you.

Dave Wigham
NE MAG Regional Rep